Creating innovative solutions to protect every person’s journey and give peace of mind through education and genuine care.

A full-service agency helping you find the right coverage at the right price for every policy you need. Our experienced team does the hard work of comparing coverages so you don’t have to. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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Stephen Ross

CEO of Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc

I’m originally from New Zealand, where I began my insurance career over 20 years ago. Almost 10 years ago, I became a Dave Ramsey ELP because I could combine my desire to help people through their financial journey using the various insurances that Dave Ramsey recommends. My wife and I have 2 adult children and we are actively involved in our church. I especially love mentoring men through small groups, helping people with their small business, BBQ and biking outdoors.

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Jonathan Shinness

Vice President

Before my role at Ross Insurance Brokers, I worked in claims at a major insurance company. Today, I do whatever I can to put our clients in the best position before a claim happens. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals in very practical ways and being the best husband and father possible. I’m always up for a good BBQ, football game and recording music.

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Maria Shinness

Assistant to Stephen Ross

Since I’ve been at Ross Insurance Brokers, I’ve had many opportunities to apply Dave Ramsey principles to help people from different walks of life. My main focus in life is making an impact on everyone I connect with by helping them feel valued and encouraged. My passions are spending time with my husband and four kids, cooking and baking, enjoying music, especially jazz, and Broadway musicals.

John Krainer

Health & Life Agent
Colorado & Wyoming

I’ve personally been through FPU, I’ve taught FPU and now I coach people every day using Dave Ramsey principles. My experience as a pastor has given me the ability to translate feelings and frustrations to get them through the tough seasons. As you build your legacy, I’m building mine – spiritual and life lessons that carry on to generations. I can’t get enough of all things BBQ, including judging BBQ competitions. I’m also a virtual reality nerd, I enjoy snowmobiling, white water rafting and business podcasts. Nelson Mandela said “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”.

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DeeDee Esser

Home & Auto Agent

My experience as an insurance agent has taught me to listen to the customer’s story and my service in the Air Force helped me realize integrity keeps you on track. Dave Ramsey’s story is a great reminder that even if someone hits rock bottom, if they have the drive and the will, they can still get back up. In life, my 2 kids are my highest priority and I strive to be a great role model for them. My fun day includes skiing or soaking the sun by the water and going for hikes with my dogs.

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Isaac Farias

Health & Life Agent
Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska

One of the things I love most about my day is hearing the financial story of each person then building something for the future. My ministry experience has taught me to listen first then set people up for a win through a flexible solution. To me, helping people means being in your corner. I love writing worship and folk music, biking and exploring which extends from my time in Australia and Mexican food (especially green chili from Colorado) is my all-time favorite.

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Rob Fittro

Health & Life Agent
Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, South Dakota & Nebraska

Over the years, I have learned the value of insurance through Dave Ramsey to protect families, care for loved ones, and build up future generations. I currently practice these principles on a daily basis and they’ve become more real and detailed to me since I started my own family. It is important to me to give what I can to others, be a rock in my marriage and do things right the first time. I love fishing, playing the guitar and I’ll never get tired of learning.

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Jon Lemont

Marketing Agent and Support

In my experience serving clients, I have learned that listening carefully to a person’s needs should always be my number one priority. This helps me to truly understand where they are coming from, and provide the best solution for their specific situation. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three boys. We enjoy being outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and all types of sports.

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Our Story

I was born and raised in New Zealand. I completed Bible college at the age of 24 and was hoping to pastor a church. I was newly married and needed to a find job that would provide for my family. In 1998, I saw a job for Life Insurance sales and thought I would give it a try. I found that I really enjoyed getting to know each family and having the ability to design an insurance plan that would meet their specific needs and budget. This began my passion for helping families and individuals through the insurance industry, as well as living an example of faith in the business world. 

My family and I decided to relocate to Portland, Oregon in 2002, where I began working for New York Life. During that time, I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University through my church. This class totally changed my way of thinking towards insurance and inspired me to work independently. In 2003, I quit New York Life and began the adventure of Ross Insurance Brokers out of my garage. By 2007, Ross Insurance Brokers was officially incorporated! I then focused on building a team that allowed the company to expand into other lines of insurance. I have found that each team member has their own strength which provides a better client experience. Teamwork is a very important value of who we are today!

I loved what I had learned through Dave Ramsey’s programs and decided that I wanted to partner with his company, Ramsey Solutions. I became a Dave Ramsey Health Endorsed Local Provider for Oregon in 2011 and quickly expanded to Washington, Alaska, and Hawiaii. My heart was to make sure everyone would get the best value and price for their polices. I approached each policy as if I were purchasing them myself and applied the common sense knowledge that Dave Ramsey talks about. 

Business for Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc. continued to grow and a second office started up in Denver, Colorado in 2015. Since then, I have moved my family and Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc. to Colorado. We are a Dave Ramsey Health ELP in 18 states. We now have a full team dedicated to making sure that every client is provided with education and genuine care for their specific journey. My goal as the CEO and President of Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc., is to show that we value people before profit, will be innovative in our solutions to meet each individual’s needs, and will strive for excellence in all that we do. 

We look forward to beginning a journey with you!

– Stephen Ross

Core Values

  • Fun – Celebrating Life Together
  • Innovative – We’re not just active, we’re proactive
  • Value – People before profit
  • Excellence – Be the Rhino, not the cow
  • Synergy – WE know more than I do

A Trusted Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

Helping you find the right insurance plan that Dave Ramsey would be proud of.

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A Trusted Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

Helping you find the right insurance plan that Dave Ramsey would be proud of.

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What Our Clients Say

Called about health insurance options for the self-employed and found a great deal. The process was so quick and easy and Rob was super helpful.

E. Harris

They have covered all our insurance needs for home, life, long term care and vehicles quickly, with great communication and just the right products

Sheri Louthan

I needed medical insurance and discovered that Obamacare was unaffordable. I tried Dave Ramsey’s ELP program, and was contacted by Ross Insurance Brokers. I was able to reduce my medical, home, and auto insurance costs, and I was treated professionally in the process.

Tabea Goossen