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Stephen Ross

CEO of Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc

I’m originally from New Zealand, where I began my insurance career over 20 years ago. 12 years ago, I became a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Provider because I could combine my desire to help people through their financial journey using the various insurances that Dave Ramsey recommends. My wife and I have 2 adult children and we are actively involved in our church. I especially love mentoring men through small groups, helping people with their small business, mountain climbing, BBQ and biking outdoors.

Alexa Umali

Alexa Umali

Head of Operations and HR. CPHR ®

I have been a Client Relationship Management and Human Resources professional for the last 7 years. My educational background is in Philosophy and my biggest achievement would be my International Humanitarian Law graduate-certification which I took through Harvard Extension School. I am also a licensed Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR ®). My experiences have given me the habit of aligning the business goals of my clients and ensuring my team delivers. Outside of work, I am a fur-mom to 3 dogs and a cat that don’t mind making an appearance at our daily team meetings.

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Josh Ross Headshot

Josh Ross

Agent Training and Development

I’m extremely passionate about personal finance and helping others achieve their individual financial goals. With this passion in mind, I completed my MBA in 2020 at George Fox University. Shortly after, I received a job offer from one of the largest asset management firms in the country; Fisher Investments. An unwavering commitment to our clients at Fisher Investments has been vital for my new role at Ross Brokers. I am extremely excited to be partnering with our agents all over the United States, in ensuring that our clients receive the best coverage possible. I believe that by leveraging and utilizing insurance products in the correct way sets up individuals to succeed.

Jon Lemont

Home and Auto/Life and Health Advisor 

In my 18 years of experience serving clients, I have learned that listening carefully to a person’s needs should always be my number one priority. This helps me to truly understand where they are coming from, and provide the best solution for their specific situation. I studied music. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three boys. We enjoy being outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and all types of sports.

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Grace Ross

Grace Ross

Life and Health Insurance Advisor

I believe that the key to success is through kindness. Understanding what people need, hearing their situation, and finding a solution is what fills my heart! My goal is not only to build relationships with each client but to also help them get lasting results to help them feel successful over their own lives! I have 6 years of client and customer service experience and I’d say that with this involvement I have learned the essentials of communicating well with others and relating to their needs. Way back in college I took up Intercultural Business Communication and Theology. I am a young professional seeking to build God’s kingdom through my kind acts towards others, and enjoy spending my free time with my service dog, reading books, or exploring the state of Colorado!

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Dyan Karla Bacayana

Dyan Karla Bacayana

Client Service Manager

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Computer Technology. I have been helping customers over for the past 7 years. I started customer service representative of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York for 4 years, and became an Auditor after two years, that’s why insurance plays a huge role in my interest in working with Ross Insurance. I helped out providers with their inquiry regarding member plans, checking their eligibility and benefit inclusions. I enjoy working with customers, providers, members, and even business owners. Now, as I work for Ross Insurance Brokers, I take pride to be part of their client’s success. I believe that experiences show so much value of who you are today and will become in the future. I love watching action movies, series, true-to-life movies and documentaries about survival because it gives inspiration, realization, and learning.

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Margarita Simeros

Client Service Assistant

I took up a Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Software technology. I’ve been part of the growing Customer service industry since 2015 for Auto and Home Insurance with MetLife. Resolving customer concerns, while understanding the root of the issue or need, is the basis for building trust. Having this is enough to lead our clients to a world-class customer service experience they need. I look forward to assisting you, not only because you’re a customer, but because you’re part of our growing family! I believe in INSURANCE TO VALUE, making every penny count!

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Kaylie Smith

Home, Auto & Life Advisor

In my ten years of customer service and almost six years in Insurance, I have learned that client relationships are built through trust. I strive on not only providing outstanding service to clients but also building long lasting relationships. I was born and raised in Southern California and come from a large family filled with love I recently relocated to the beautiful state of Colorado to begin a new chapter in my life and absolutely love exploring the outdoors with my Boyfriend and our fur baby Izzy! I look forward to providing my professional knowledge in Insurance and building a trusting relationship with you and your family!

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Shawn Sato

Client Service Assistant

I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. Right after graduation, I started working in the Customer Service Industry for 2 years. I’ve worked in accounts like Airbnb, CDS Global, and I can say that helping clients with their needs and providing exceptional service is something that makes me happy, fulfills me. I believe that one of the best ways to provide excellent customer service is to give genuine care about the people you serve. Cooking and watching movies are one of the things I love to do, but what I love the most is spending quality time with my family.

Donna Mendiola

Executive Assistant

Over the years, I have gained an understanding of the importance of customer service; it is not just helping but it is being compassionate and giving the fitted solution to their needs. I am passionate to know the work and the people I will be working with. With this eagerness, I was able to obtain experience in the recruitment and training. I’ve spent 5 years helping candidates land their dream job; I do not just interview them but I talk and listen to them to tailor-fit my recommendation. On the training side, I have successfully transferred knowledge and I am happy witnessing them achieve their goals. The key in providing excellent customer service is listening and understanding the need. I’ve been exposed to politics in college and it’s fascinating. I also personally like watching movies and reading books to enhance my communication skills. Apart from that I love to cook and bake for the people I care about.

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Richard Aguilos

Client Service Assistant

As a seasoned customer service representative, I spent over 10 years working with clients and individuals to bring satisfaction with the products that they obtained. Through my unique approach and excellent understanding of the product, I always ensure that my clients are always satisfied and know how the products work. My field of study was involved in information technology, but my real passion is to provide excellent customer service. I always believe that customers come first because educating them will give them empowerment, and that’s the key for a great customer service experience. I also like watching sporting events, like basketball, football, and other combat sports. Apart from that, I also enjoy having a cup of coffee with my wife everyday.

John Mark Ponce

Client Service Assistant

Do something today that your future self will thank you for and I sure did! I love that making an impact on people’s lives by supporting them to make a sound decision in their insurance is a major part of my role. Nothing motivates me more than knowing that my family, friends, and community have peace of mind in being good stewards of their resources. I was previously in the medical field and oddly enough, it’s in the lab where I discovered my niche in client relations and business development. With over 10 years of experience, I’ve now joined the team that I genuinely trust and speak to my core. I was thrilled to find an opening at Ross Brokers because of their great reputation and focus on serving people and maintaining good relationships! When I’m not at work, I’m backpacking to learn other cultures, making music, and training my dogs. Stoked to catch up with you soon!

Tucker Office Service Dog


Office Service Dog

Our Story

I was born and raised in New Zealand. I completed Bible college in World Missions at the age of 24 in Singapore. My hope was to be involved in the missions in Asia. I was newly married and needed to find a job that would provide for my family and so I had to put missions on hold to establish a family in New Zealand.
In 1998, I was offered an opportunity as an Insurance Agent and thought I would give it a try. I found that I really enjoyed getting to know each family member and having the ability to design an insurance plan that would meet their specific needs and budget. This began my passion for helping families and individuals through the insurance industry, as well as living, as an example of faith in the business world.

My family and I decided to relocate to Portland Oregon in 2002, where I began working for New York Life. During that time, I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University through my church. This class totally changed my way of thinking towards insurance and inspired me to work independently. In 2003, I quit New York Life and began the adventure of Ross Insurance Brokers out of my garage. By 2007, Ross Insurance Brokers was officially incorporated! I then focused on building a team that allowed the company to expand into other lines of insurance. I have found that each team member has their own strength which provides a better client experience. Teamwork is a very important value of who we are today!

I loved what I had learned through Dave Ramsey’s programs and decided that I wanted to partner with his company, Ramsey Solutions. I became a Dave Ramsey Health Endorsed Local Provider for Oregon in 2011 and quickly expanded to several states. My heart was to make sure everyone would get the best value and price for their policies. I approached each policy as if I were purchasing them myself and applied the common knowledge that Dave Ramsey talks about.

Business for Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc. continued to grow. We have been in the business for 22 years now and we are working hard to continuously provide excellent care for our customers. We are a Dave Ramsey Health ELP in 14 states. We now have a full team dedicated to making sure that every client is provided with education and genuine care for their specific journey. My goal as the CEO and President of Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc. is to show that we value people before profit, we will be innovative in our solutions to meet each individual’s needs, and will strive for excellence in all that we do.

With my wife from Singapore and my heart for missions it’s our desire to use our company to give back into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves in Asia. Today, both my children Josh and Grace works with me as we grow this mission to help families around the world.

With Covid, our team has changed. We used to have an office but we have found that even working remotely we are able to work more effectively and are able to serve our clients efficiently. Our team is located throughout the country and in the Philippines where we can give back to the community.

We look forward to beginning a journey with you!

– Stephen Ross

Core Values

  • Fun – Celebrating Life Together
  • Innovative – We’re not just active, we’re proactive
  • Value – People before profit
  • Excellence – Be the Rhino, not the cow
  • Synergy – WE know more than I do

A Trusted Dave Ramsey Endorsed Provider

Helping you find the right insurance plan that Dave Ramsey would be proud of.

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A Trusted Dave Ramsey Endorsed Provider

Helping you find the right insurance plan that Dave Ramsey would be proud of.

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What Our Clients Say

Called about health insurance options for the self-employed and found a great deal. The process was so quick and easy and Rob was super helpful.

E. Harris

They have covered all our insurance needs for home, life, long term care and vehicles quickly, with great communication and just the right products

Sheri Louthan

I needed medical insurance and discovered that Obamacare was unaffordable. I tried Dave Ramsey’s ELP program, and was contacted by Ross Insurance Brokers. I was able to reduce my medical, home, and auto insurance costs, and I was treated professionally in the process.

Tabea Goossen